Training and development

We offer a wide range of trainings in the areas of Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Change Management, Organizational Behavior and Development, Team Building, Mentoring and Developing Leaders, and transformational leadership.

  • Strategic Planning

The objectives of the training are to understand the meaning of Strategy and Strategic Planning, discuss the purpose and importance of Strategic Planning, to realize the characteristics of a useful Strategic Plan, to gain knowledge of processes of Strategic Plan, to learn how to make internal and external environment assessment, to understand the Strategic Planning model: SMARTER, discuss on the contents of a Strategic Plan, and practice how to make a strategic plan using case studies. > Read More

  • Customer Service

Participants of the training will be familiar with how to greet a customer, understanding customer’s need or problem, listening, confirming, understanding, use of positive language, the need for eliminating jargon, dealing with angry customers, and importance of body language and tone of voice. > Read More

  • Leadership

This training primarily focuses on who a leader is, the leader’s role, explore various leadership theories and models, examine characteristics of effective leaders, etc. > Read More

  • Change Management

Participants will learn why change management is important, why people resist change, stages of change, change management strategies, principles, processes, tips and change theory and models. > Read More

  • Organizational Behavior and Development

Trainees are expected to understand and explain approaches to facilitating organization development, to understand the role that behavior plays in developing and maintaining an organizational culture, identify the critical behavioral dimensions of organizational life, assess the health/effectiveness of the current behavior of an organizational culture, determine what behavioral change is needed to increase the effectiveness of a given organization and how behavioral change can be initiated, managed and sustained. > Read More

  • Team Building

The training will focus on how to build an effective team, team building stages, characteristics of effective teams, etc. > Read More

  • Mentoring and Developing Leaders

The primary target of the training is to show how mentoring is the best way to develop leaders,  the importance of mentoring, types of mentoring, roles of a mentor & mentoree, and processes involved in the mentoring relationship. Practical and actual cases will used to enhance the learning process. > Read More

  • Transformational Leadership

Participants will learn what transformational leadership is, how it is distinct from other leadership theories, benefits of transformational leadership, characteristics of a transformational leadership style, elements of transformational leadership, etc. > Read More